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A belief in the benefits of being in water and in nature is at the heart of The Wave.

Founder, Nick Hounsfield, set out to create a place that would help connect people with nature, water and waves and share the positive physical and mental health benefits of this. 

Whilst initially driven by instinct, there is now a global movement of thinkers, scientists and researchers dedicated to exploring what has become known as ‘Blue Health’.  

To book your surf, employees just need to input the code provided to your company into the promo box at checkout. The code will be renewed on a regular basis and communicated to your HR department.

To find out more and to join the Business Partnership Scheme please contact 

Bringing a Blue Health Benefit To Your Employees

To help your employees reap the physical and mental health benefits of surfing – no matter what their level of experience – we are offering a 10% discount if you become part of our Business Partnership Scheme. 


“Surfing really does teach you resilience, strength, confidence and courage. The Water has been hugely empowering, and I’ve seen it change other people’s lives. I’ve seen people who thought they could never go in the water, and then they do, and they feel that ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.” 

Former UK Pro Surfer – Sophie Hellyer 

Team Away Days

From beginners to seasoned surfers, The Wave experience will leave teams feeling revived. Going surfing is like pushing a reset button.

Surfing as “Blue Mindfulness”

Surfing is one of the best activities to take you outside of your comfort zone by immersion in a liquid environment.

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