The Wave’s affiliate programme

We're introducing a new wave of inland surfing experiences in the UK, and we want you to be a part of it. Sign up to be an affiliate with The Wave today. We'll provide you with everything you need to get started.

What does being an Affiliate involve?

To put it simply, if you have a digital space (such as a website, blog or social media account) you can link back to The Wave’s website using your choice of content and graphics that we provide to you in an easy-to-use toolkit. You’ll generate a commission on any sales made from the traffic you send our way. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us to spread the word about The Wave.

What does The Wave do?

In 2010, our founders Nick Hounsfield and Craig Stoddart noticed a problem. They realised that many of the health issues people were battling came about due to inactivity, a disconnection from nature, and a breakdown in connections between people. They knew the power of the ocean, the energy of wild spaces, the freedom and adventure that nature offers. They also knew about the joy of surfing and its ability to restore and revive.

Together they imagined creating naturally healthy spaces, where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, could have an amazing time by connecting with nature, each other and themselves. The Wave is about improving health and wellbeing through surfing and having a shedload of fun in the process.

To see our latest press, please take a look at our media centre.

Why choose The Wave?

With a 180m-long surfing lake, The Wave delivers an unrivalled inland surf experience all year round that is suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned professional. We’ve designed every aspect to ensure it is fun for all, whatever your ability.

Our Wavegarden cove technology is groundbreaking and can generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height. On our day-to-day setting there will be a new wave every 8-10 seconds.

The Wave’s offerings:

  • Surf lessons and open surfing sessions for children over 6 years old
  • Surf lessons and open surfing sessions for adults of all levels
  • Open all year round except Christmas Day
  • Group packages for groups of all sizes
  • An education centre for schools and colleges
  • Venue hire for corporates
  • Seasonal offerings and events
  • An amazing café and bar serving great food, locally sourced and changing seasonally
  • A surf shop packed with the latest equipment including wetsuits, boards and accessories

The Wave brand toolkit

All our affiliates will receive our brand toolkit, which give guidance on our brand communication guidelines as well as being full of useful tools for content writers, designers and marketers. The toolkit includes logos, imagery, fonts and ready-to-use content, plus more!

Download the brand toolkit

Sign up to be an affiliate today

Submit your request to become an affiliate with us by searching The Wave on our affiliate platform, AWIN.

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Our Wavegarden Cove technology

Our waves are powered by groundbreaking Wavegarden Cove technology which can generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height.

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Our first Wavemakers are our founders, Nick Hounsfield and Craig Stoddart. They are the people who have led The Wave’s pioneering and successful business from a pretty radical idea to the growing business it is today.