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11th February 2019

England takes gold at the World Adaptive Surfing Championship

We gathered on the shores of Huntington Beach for the final leg of the Adaptive Surf League season. With perfect surf conditions and light winds to greet us, we had...

Nick Hounsfield
16th January 2019

Health benefits of surfing for body and mind

Explore how taking to the waves can benefit the mind and body and discover the benefits of surfing for individuals, groups and even whole communities.

Nina Whitby
Wavemaker - Content
18th December 2018

Is surfing risky in the rain?

Want to surf, whatever the weather? Explore surf dangers with The Wave to find out what risks surfing in the rain and offshore wind surfing could bring.

Nina Whitby
Wavemaker - Content
1st December 2018

Surfing in London

Live in the city? Tired of trekking to the closest beach to London to seek out the surf? Find out why surfing in London's now looking lively for 2020.

Abby Richardson
Wavemaker - Media Team
11th September 2018

How to prevent 'surfer's ear'?

I’m sat here about to take off on a flight and sweating a little bit. I’m not a nervous traveller, not at all, but in recent years it has become...

Nick Hounsfield